Lesson 5.4
Montessori Mathematics

Number Rods: Identify Rod Randomly

Dr. Montessori believed that all children have mathematical tendencies and can enjoy mathematical study and work. Instead of expecting children to only memorize sequences or processes, we teach children to understand and appreciate the logic and beauty of mathematics through hands-on materials and exploration at their own pace. Mathematics begins long before children can count. Dr. Montessori knew that children learned best through sensory engagement, so she created a whole curriculum for sensorial development. Sensorial materials develop the mathematical mind by introducing children to concepts such as shape, size, dimension, sequence, order, precision, and even mathematical language. 

In this section, we will introduce you to one fundamental Montessori Math material –
Number Rods.  

Learning Objectives

 Learn Sequence of Numbers
 Counting up to 10 using fixed quantities
Learning 1- 10 as concrete objects