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Welcome to Monti, a new way to bring Dr. Maria Montessori’s lauded early-learning pedagogy into your home!
Our step-by-step lessons will help you to engage with your child and enable them to benefit from the excellence of the Montessori Method, all from the comfort of your home.

Monti has been created by House on the Hill, a leading Montessori pre-school in Singapore. We are passionate advocates of the Montessori Method and believe that it nurtures independent, confident and happy children, who love to learn! Here in Singapore, we run three family-run, joy-filled schools. Monti is our way of making the Montessori Method accessible to parents and care-givers who want the best for their children. It is a curated experience, led by Montessori educators who are mothers as well!

About House on the Hill

Meet Your Curriculum Developers

Wu Jing

Co-founder & CEO

A graduate of Peking University’s School of International Relations, Wu Jing leads House on the Hill in the overall direction and daily operation of the schools.

An avid lover of calligraphy and photography coupled with a passion for childhood education, she is a believer of the Montessori method and how each child possesses unique talents waiting to be developed. Both of Jing’s children have attended House on the Hill.

Sunshine Goh

Principal of Pasir Panjang Centre

Sunshine has over ten years of experience in Early Childhood education. Being an early childhood educator has been her lifelong passion, and she holds a diploma in both in Early Childhood Education and Montessori Method of Education.

For the last 8 years she has been an invaluable senior teacher and curriculum lead with House on the Hill, and is now the principal of the Pasir Panjang centre. Sunshine lives up to her name and always has a smile on her face, especially when she is enjoying the great outdoors with a game of beach volleyball!

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